Manhunt Underway After Deadly Prison Escape

( A manhunt is in progress in France following gang violence and murder against prison officers that were escorting a convict. Mohamed Amra was being transported when an armed gang attacked the prison officers in order to free Amra. Two officers were killed while three more were seriously injured. This is the first time in over 30 years that a prison officer was fatally attacked.

The attack first occurred when the gang hit the prison escort vehicle van in a head on collision, which was followed by gunfire. President Macron said that authorities are doing everything within their power to find the criminals and bring them to justice. Prison officer unions have staged protests and walkouts while demanding changes to the processes that allowed these officers to be attacked in the first place.

One of the demands by the union is that the number of extraditions of prisoners to court is significantly reduced or eliminated. This would be done by promoting video conferencing hearings rather than in person court appearances that require prison staff escorts.

Two burned vehicles were found that are believed to have been used by the gang when they made their escape with Amra. All of the victims of the gang attack are parents, including one slain officer who was awaiting the birth of his child. The 34 year old prison officer leaves behind a wife who is 5-months pregnant.

Prime Minister Attal issued a warning to the suspects that they are being tracked. Attal said to the alleged murderers that they will be found and brought to justice. Amra, the 30-year old escaped prisoner, has 13 prior convictions that include robbery. His first conviction happened when he was 15 years old. Amra reportedly attempted to free himself from prison earlier in the week by sawing the bars of his prison cell. The suspects that freed Amra and killed the prison officers have not yet been identified or named.

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