Mass Starvation Is Being Planned!

Russian Lawmakers Call For Starving, Freezing of Ukraine Civilians

Russian Lawmakers Call For Starving, Freezing of Ukraine Civilians

( – Russia has faced accusations of war crimes and claims it is targeting civilian populations since it invaded Ukraine on February 24. The destruction of schools, apartment complexes, and shopping centers at the hands of Russian troops is well documented. Offensive forces have also left mass graves in their wake, filled with innocent Ukrainians — all victims of an unprovoked war.

On October 19, Julia Davis from The Daily Beast reported two Russian politicians floated another idea to use against the Ukrainians — freezing and starving them. State Duma Deputy Andrey Gurulyov appeared on Russian state TV, suggesting Moscow should shut off electricity in Kyiv, essentially depriving its citizens of heat, water, refrigeration, and sewer services. Russian Senator Konstantin Dolgov said he agreed with Gurulyov’s idea.

The deputy went on to say Russia could take out “control centers” instead of attacking bridges and railroads. By taking out the servers, the country could cripple Ukraine’s money and energy supplies, crippling the nation.

Making it impossible for civilians to survive in Ukraine should drive them out of their homes and into exile, Gurulyov reasoned. Olga Skabeeva, the TV host, said Russia has “no other choice” but to resort to such measures. Davis was appalled by the idea of targeting civilians, accusing the lawmakers of advocating for cruelty against innocent Ukrainians in order to win the war.

Do you think it’s morally acceptable to attack civilians in this manner?

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