Maxine Waters Calls On DOJ To Investigate Trump Supporters ‘Training For Civil War’

( California Representative Maxine Waters says the Department of Justice and President Biden need to be prepared for violence from Trump supporters if the former president loses the election in November. In an interview on MSNBC, Waters referred to several comments made by Donald Trump during the election campaign that she finds concerning.

Waters said Trump is frequently talking about attacking his own country and referred to a “bloodbath” that came from a March campaign speech when Trump was discussing the automobile industry. In that speech, Trump said there will be a “bloodbath” for the industry if he loses. In the middle of the sentence, he amended the statement to say it will be a bloodbath for the whole country.

Waters also claimed that Trump doesn’t “believe in the constitution.” She said he would like to be a dictator, which is a reference to comments Trump made on Sean Hannity’s show. During that interview, Trump was asked if he is going to be a dictator while he is in office. He denied that he would be a dictator, except for the first day in office, which he said in jest. He further explained that he would make sure the border is closed and he would authorize drilling for natural resources in the United States.

Rep Waters continued by saying right-wing organizations are “training up in the hills” in case Trump loses the election. In another comment, Waters said Trump has indicated violence will occur if he loses the election. This is in reference to statements made by Trump during an interview with Time Magazine. Trump said political violence is unlikely to occur, but did say he can’t guarantee it wouldn’t happen if he loses the election. He said “it depends” on whether voters perceive the election was held fairly.

In the interview, Waters also referred to Trump as a racist that is telling his followers how to start a civil war if he loses the 2024 election.

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