McCarthy Sounds Alarm on ‘Sleeper Cells’ In The US

( – Former Speaker of the House, Republican Kevin McCarthy, has been making numerous television appearances since his ousting, including on Meet the Press this past weekend. McCarthy spoke about the current search for a new speaker before segueing into the topic of the “wide open southern border” and its ramifications. McCarthy called it “chaos” and spoke about the 18 people who were recently caught on the border and were on the FBI Terror Watch List. He pointed out those 18 are only a portion of the 169 people from that list that have been identified as trying to illegally enter the country this year.

McCarthy speculated about how many more got through without being detected. The Congressman pointed out that the 169 number is higher than the number caught over the prior six fiscal years combined. He compared those numbers with the Hamas supporting mobs gathering throughout the U.S. and Europe and concluded that it is highly likely there are many “sleeper cells” through the country that could strike at any time.

He blasted the Biden administration for not doing anything to stop this but is instead facilitating illegal border crossers. McCarthy then pivoted to himself and noted that if he were still Speaker he would have taken action to ensure sleeper cells were not getting through the border. He went on to say, if he were he still in power, terrorists would not be able to cross the open border. He did not explain how he would accomplish these things nor was he asked why he didn’t do anything proactive for border security while he was Speaker.

McCarthy took the time to endorse fellow Republican representative Tom Emmer for the vacant Speaker position. He called Emmer a “part of our success…from the beginning.” McCarthy promised that he will still be a leader in the House “in any capacity” that would help the country.

The removed Speaker also spoke about the recent attack on Israel, he said Iran is a global problem and Hamas must be destroyed. He said we have to be “very clear” with the terrorist outfit that all American hostages need to be released.

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