Melania’s Brutal Response To Trump, Says “No More!”

( Melania Trump criticized her husband’s speech at a rally for doing a convincing impression of President Joe Biden.

During a rally in Wildwood, Donald Trump told the crowd that he had to stop doing his impression of President Biden, because Melania didn’t like that he wasn’t able to find his way off the stage. The former president explained that he was doing an impression of Biden as he was walking off the stage. He told the crowd that he needs to be careful when doing impressions or people will think he is the one unable to find the stage exit.

Trump has repeatedly mocked Biden’s mental acuity on the campaign trail and this is not the first time he did an impression of the president. At a March speech in Richmond, Trump claimed Biden is unable to put two sentences together and said Biden can’t find the stairs to get off of the stage. Trump followed up that statement by looking in different directions with a confused look on his face as an impression of Biden’s confusion.

Trump continued the mockery of President Biden’s alleged mental deficiencies with a post on the social media platform, Truth Social. Trump said Biden doesn’t know where he is and doesn’t know that he is the President of the United States. In the same post, he referred to Biden as a “confused man.”

A February report by a special counsel investigating Biden’s handling of classified documents came to the conclusion that the president’s memory is “hazy.” The report said Biden couldn’t remember when several important events happened in his life. Biden couldn’t recall the years that he served as Vice President or the year in which his son Beau died.

Trump’s memory has been recently criticized after he said his son Barron is 17 years old when he turned 18 years old in March. A conversation that is happening throughout this election cycle is whether or not verbal mistakes are the same as poor memory. There are examples of both Trump and Biden making incorrect statements or referring to the wrong person while speaking on the campaign trail.

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