Menendez Allegedly Showed Money-Filled Safe to Lover

( – Controversial New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez has another cash money scandal brewing. It’s being reported that while Menendez was having an affair with a married Spanish-language journalist named Cecilia Reynolds, he boasted about potential bribe-taking. Reynolds says that back in 2007 Menendez showed her “bundles of cash” that he had hidden away in several locations. The revelations come from a recently exposed dossier that has been shared with the New York Post newspaper.

The dossier features several explicit photos of Reynolds from vacations she took with the senator. It also outlines several places they allegedly had sexual relations, including private jets and a bed Menendez claimed former President John F. Kennedy had used. The file also contains statements Reynolds made alleging Menendez told her that portions of the cash were “kickbacks” from contractors looking to land business and others seeking influence.

Menendez remains in the US Senate despite years of criminal allegations and indictments. Most recently, he and his current wife Nadine Arslanian have been indicted on charges relating to their acceptance of exotic cars, loads of cash, and even gold bars from people seeking favors from Menendez. Federal prosecutors say Arslanaian’s diamond engagement ring was part of an elaborate bribery scheme. They say the couple had a secret cellular phone they called “007” for the purpose of communicating with their alleged criminal co-conspirators.

This Reynolds dossier was circulated in-part back in 2013 but more of it has come to light over the past few weeks. Menendez was able to skirt the 2013 investigations into influence-peddling allegations. He was re-elected by the New Jersey electorate in 2018 with 54% of the vote. The Post reports friends of Reynolds saying she “boasted” about the amount of cash Menendez had stashed away. The dossier claims Reynolds has a lot of information on Menendez and potential crimes he may have committed. Reynolds has denied this and has said she was not having an affair with the Senator as she and her husband had broken up for a period of time in 2013.

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