Meteor Leaves Many Fearing Armageddon-Like Experience

( – A meteor lit up the night sky so brightly last month that more than 50 witnesses in six different states called in to report it. Dashboard cameras, Ring doorbell cameras and other devices captured the brilliant light which for a few moments turned the 4 a.m. night sky as bright as day. 

Many witnesses describe their reaction as fearful at first. The unexpected illumination made some wonder if a nuclear bomb went off, while others had thoughts of the movie “Armageddon” in which an asteroid was set to collide with the Earth and wipe out all life. The American Meteor Society received reports from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Despite their fears most witness described the meteor light as the biggest and brightest they’d ever seen. 

A witness from Texas described what he saw in great detail He said he was able to see “the heat coming off front and circling around in flame” and leaving fire it its wake as it made its way to land. No-one has reported where the meteor landed but a witness from Cheyenne, Louisiana believes it fell in a nearby field.  

This sighting in Louisiana follows another recent sighting that had locals swearing they saw space ships or unidentified flying objects (UFO) land nearby. Witnesses were captured on home security footage swearing what they saw were extra terrestrial ships. One even joking “UFO stopped… to get a poboy (sandwich).”

UFO interest seems to be hitting a new peak as even member of the U.S. Senate are moving to make government records of UFO sightings and possible contact public. The bi-partisan effort would see the information released at the beginning of the new fiscal year, October 1st. This marks a new position held by the government who’d in the past always dismissed any government information on UFO’s or the like as some sort of ‘conspiracy theory’ or nonsense. 

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