Michael Cohen Admits Stealing From Trump

(Daily360.com) Former attorney for Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, admitted that he stole money from Donald Trump as part of his testimony in the ongoing “hush money” trial in New York.

Cohen took a supposed reimbursement payment of $50,000 from Trump’s account, but only used $20,000 to pay the technology firm. Trump’s defense attorney asked for clarification that Cohen was admitting to stealing $30,000 from Trump. Cohen responded affirmatively to the question.

Cohen also said he told several prosecutors that he took the money, but never admitted guilt in a courtroom for theft. He never paid the money back to the Trump organization.

The charges against Trump allege that he earmarked funds as legal expenses, but actually used those funds to pay Stormy Daniels to stay silent about their alleged affair. Trump has denied all allegations, including the notion that he had an affair with Daniels. Trump’s attorneys pressed Cohen in an attempt to paint him as an uncredible witness in the case with a vengeful motive to convict Trump.

On Monday, May 20, the prosecution rested their case and Trump’s attorneys called for a dismissal. Tensions rose in the courtroom between defense witness Robert Costello and Judge Merchan. Costello visually showed his frustration after Merchan sustained several objections raised by the prosecution during his testimony. The jury was asked to leave the courtroom. Merchan told Costello not to visibly react to his rulings during the court proceedings.

Just before the jury returned to the courtroom, Merchan asked Costello if he was staring him down. After that, Merchan asked the press to leave the courtroom. On Tuesday, May 21, Trump’s defense team rested their case. The court has adjourned until May 28 when the prosecution and defense make their closing arguments.

After that, the 12-person jury will begin deliberations to determine Trump’s guilt or innocence as it relates to the 34 charges levied against him. A legal analyst for CNN said Trump could theoretically be put in prison for more than 10 years if he is found guilty on all charges.

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