Michelle Obama’s New Juice Brand Fails Miserably

(Daily360.com) – Plezi is the name of Michelle Obama’s highly hyped health drink for kids. The early reviews are coming in and they’re proving less than stellar for the former first lady who led a nutritious school lunch program while her husband was in the White House. That program was called “Let’s Move” and was meant to help fight the childhood obesity epidemic. The program was met with mixed reviews to say the least. It called for schools to serve milk, water or 100% natural fruit juice only with no artificial sweeteners of any kind.

Michelle’s Plezi brand was looked at by independent health professionals who determined the product does not meet the standards she set for her “Let’s Move” middle school program. They take issue with the stevia leaf and monk-fruit extracts which may be considered unhealthy in light of a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report. Nutrition professor Jerold Mande said Obama’s juice in “ultra-processed” and although flashy may “not be any healthier than diet soda.” Another health professional criticized the juice having processed fiber, saying kids would be better off having fruit to get intact fibers. 

Leah Dunmore the CEO of Plezi disputed these opinions calling them “cynical if not intellectually dishonest.” Experts for the most part do admit Plezi is a better option than many sodas but warn it still contains a considerable portion of sweeteners. The American Heart Association says these sweeteners can be an alternative from time to time but advise milk or water would be the best beverage options for children. Plezi’s official website touts the drink as having 75% less sugar, no added sugar, 2 grams of fiber and great flavors “kids love” in each bottle. Part of Michelle Obama’s posted statement reads that as kids become school-aged drinking only milk or water “isn’t a reality” and this is the reason she developed Plezi.  

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