Military’s Most Classified Unit

( – A new book by a man called Adam Gamal details the intense training recruits had to endure in order to be selected for a US military special operations unit so secret it does not even have an official name. Gamal says they were referred to as “the Unit” or “the Activity” and its own members did not have a name by which to call it. He said the VA hospital have no records for any Unit members and recruits are not told what they are training for or for how long they will be training.

Gamal describes himself as an Egyptian refugee who fled to the United States with his father in order to escape radical Muslim groups emerging in his homeland. He details his desire to serve in the military after the 9/11 terror attacks as a way to thank his new home nation and fight the people who were the reason he was forced to flee his native land. Gamal says, despite being only 5’1” tall, he excelled during his military training and his language skills were an asset to the military.

For these reasons he was selected to try and become a member of the Unit. He said the training was more grueling and arduous than that of Navy Seals or Green Berets because they never knew what they would be made to do, where they would be, or for how long any of it would last.

His book tells stories of recruits being made to wear the same clothes for weeks at a time, being dropped in foreign locations and being mistaken for a homeless people by locals. He says the women were treated equally as harshly as the men. He tells of one woman who was only given one pair of high heels to wear and she wore them while walking dozens of miles, as the recruits were routinely made to walk great distances over rough terrain. He said at any moment they would be taken by operatives and beaten while being asked questions designed to test their endurance.

He said his fellow recruits were all gifted in one way or another and all were top of their craft, which led to their selection for potential membership in the Unit. Gamal said all they were told was “leave your ego at the door” and from there they were on their own. Gamal made the Unit and has been awarded the Purple Heart, Legion of Merit and Bronze Star among other honors.

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