More Details Emerge About Bill Gates’ Affair

( – Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates have been linked throughout the ever-unfolding saga of Epstein’s crimes and exploits. Gates has fiercely maintained that he only met Epstein on a few occasions, strictly talking business over dinner. Gates says he regrets those dinners and there’s nothing more to it. However, other details seem to contradict this, like Gates’ ex-wife Melinda Gates who says it was her husband’s relationship with “abhorrent” Epstein that caused her to divorce her husband of 27 years. She says Bill introduce her to Epstein who she described as “evil personified” after that meeting.

A new dimension into the Epstein and Gates relationship is now coming to the surface, it shows l blackmail, payments and sexual affair information peddling may have been the ‘business’ of Epstein. The story centers around a young Russian Bridge player named Mila Antonova. The young card game player had numerous social media campaigns to grow the game’s popularity and through various tournaments came to meet Gates. During one such event she interviewed Gates on video asking him questions about Bridge, its skill set and why he plays, Gates smiled and happily answered. Antonova also gave speeches where she would show pictures of the pair together. This is where Epstein comes in, Gates was about 30 years Antonova’s senior and it seems Gates had a sexual affair with the woman. Although she was of age, should this affair become public the dishonor for the married tech billionaire would be scandalous. Enter Epstein, the disgraced financier paid the tuition for Antonova to attend school while pursuing a degree in software engineering. Antonova says Epstein told her as a billionaire he likes to help people when he can. After paying the tuition Epstein tried to start up a charitable fund with JP Morgan representing himself as an advisor and confidant of Bill Gates. JPMorgan passed on the project after which Epstein wrote Gates requesting reimbursement for Antonova’s tuition or else he’d release information about the affair. Gates’ spokespeople deny any involvement with Epstein and say “Mr. Gates had no financial dealings with Epstein.”

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