Moscow Accuses the US of Manufacturing Biological Weapons

( – A statement released by personnel from the Russian embassy in Washington has charged that the United States government is in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention (BLC). The Russians are claiming the U.S. is conducting serious illegal research in biolabs located throughout the world. 

They allege the U.S. has such labs located next to their nation in Ukraine. Russian officials say they have tried to raise concern over this issue and have the global community take seriously what they are calling “gross violations.” The BLC forbids any type of biological armament and has been signed by authorized representatives from most nations around the globe. 

The Russians say U.S. is “brazenly” funding “illegal laboratories” and their subsequent illegal research. They charge American officials are creating a false premise about “epidemical monitoring” to cover the infractions. They say the actual task of these facilities is to “create biological crisis when necessary.” They say American leadership deploys epidemics to serve their global political interests. 

They specifically point to concerns they have over the alleged facilities in Ukraine which they say brings together “state institutions and private companies” and uses military personal and civilians as test subjects and biomaterial donors. They also charge that the United States is gearing up to release a new pandemic on the world. Russia tried to start a resolution within the United Nations to probe American laboratory activity within Ukraine but it was struck down by the U.S., Britain and France. 

During Senate testimony in 2022 Biden Administration Undersecretary of State in charge of Ukraine, Victoria Nuland was asked by Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fl) if the U.S. had biolabs in Ukraine. She responded that they did. Her answer seemed to shock many including possibly Rubio himself. Nuland said the administration was very concerned about Russia seizing the labs and that they were working with Ukrainians to keep Russians from getting the biolab research materials. 

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