Musk Claims Conspiracy Theory Rumors Are True

Musk Claims Conspiracy Theory Rumors Are True

( – Billionaire Elon Musk officially took Twitter reins at the end of October, immediately making sweeping moves across his new company. The first steps he took involved firing high-ranking executives and numerous staff members. After that, he unbanned accounts, started asking users to make business decisions, and began releasing what he dubbed the “Twitter Files” — a conglomeration of internal documents from Twitter before he took over, which revealed the inner workings of the platform.

On December 24, Musk reportedly appeared on the “All-In” podcast to talk about his time as Twitter CEO. During the conversation, Newsmax reported the conspiracy theories previously emerging about his new platform were nearly all true. However, referencing Twitter Files installment number seven, Musk previously claimed the US government paid “millions of dollars” to Twitter so they would censor information. Not everyone agrees with the Tesla founder. Expert Alex Stamos says it isn’t true that the government paid for censorship.

Stamos, a tech with the Election Integrity Partnership and the Stanford Internet Observatory, said the payments didn’t have anything to do with “content moderation.” He explained that under federal law, law enforcement has the right to request information from places like Twitter, and the platform can ask for reimbursement for retrieving said information.

Still, Newsmax reported Musk referred to the “FBI stuff” as “pretty intense.”

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