National Guard Units Hoarding Confederate Items

( – With all the issues currently plaguing the United States and its military it would not seem a prudent use of time or assets for the Army to target National Guard units for non-compliance with their directive to remove confederate items from their bases. 

Mostly at issue are “battle streamers” with Civil War connections. A ‘battle streamer” is a long and narrow item placed by soldiers to the top of unit flags. They would be awarded to units after participation in war or other conflicts. The flags with the streamers are then carried in front of the unit during official military formations. 

Despite the obvious historical significance, the Army ordered all Confederate related streamers be sent to the Army Center of Military History. This is part of their announced push to remove all Confederate imagery, names and any other reference from wherever it may be per Congressional directive.

The government cannot account for monies sent to Ukraine, they cannot account for the number of illegals in the nation, they have ‘lost track’ of thousands of migrant children but they know there are 491 Confederate streamers and they have only collected 438. As a result they have informed units whom they feel are delinquent to immediately account for and send the streamers to them. They say the September 1st deadline was firm and not to be ignored, whether the streamers are in a base museum or lost is not an excuse for non compliance. 

Battle streamers are something very important and respected among military personal. They have published works on them; they revere their place in maintaining the history of the Units as well as the nation. Congress took this action against the will of many service people, acting more on behalf of politically correct politics than making the military more lethal, functional or better according to critics.  

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