Native American Chief Tells Ben & Jerry’s Their HQ Is On Tribal Land

( – The owner’s of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream have been vocal supporters of left wing ideology for a long time but this time it may cost them something. The issue at hand stems from an anti-American tweet declaring the United States should give back “stolen indigenous land.” They wrote that as a nation we must acknowledge the theft and set about a process of “returning it.” The tweet included a link to a longer statement which read in-art that while Americans may enjoy July 4th festivities like barbecuing, fireworks parades and other activities, these are distractions from the fact we reside on stolen lands. The ice cream company even gave a place to start as they have a formal petition on their company website aimed at returning Mt. Rushmore  in South Dakota to the Lakota Native Tribe.

The governor of South Dakota wasted no time is responding by saying she is “not going to listen to a bunch of liberal Vermont businessmen” who she believes are arrogant and ignorant to history. 

Well, if Ben and Jerry’s was simply virtue signaling for their collective ego, Don Stevens, chief of the Nulhegan Band of The Coosuk Abenaki Nation in Vermont may not see it that way. He said he’d be open to speaking with representatives for the company about reclaiming the land their headquarters sits on. Stevens says his tribe is a Place-based people” and the place they resided was on what is now South Burlington, Vermont, home of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Similarly, spokesman for the Elnu Abenaki Tribe, Rich Holschuh who is also chair of the Vermont Commission on Native American affairs Holschuh told Fox News the land is still there and his people are likewise still there. 

During the 2016 presidential campaign the Ben Cohen the “Ben” of Ben and Jerry’s was such an avid Bernie Sanders supporter he created the “Bernie’s Yearning” ice cream flavor. In 2020 he again supported the Democratic-Socialist candidate and created “Bernie’s Back” ice cream for which the container description railed against the infamous 1% of global wealth holders. 

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