NCAA Announce Major Rule Change Allowing Schools to Pay Athletes Directly

( The NCAA will now allow student athletes to be paid in an agreement with the Power 5 conferences SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten, ACC and Big 12. The settlement comes at a time when schools have faced lawsuits for revenue sharing and earning money from collegiate athletics. The settlement will allow students to receive back pay for the last decade, while also allowing students to receive payments from schools beginning in 2025.

Notre Dame President Rev John I. Jenkins said the settlement is not a desirable outcome in many ways, but it was needed to prevent the bankruptcy of college athletics. He called on Congress to pass legislation that will establish athletes as students rather than employees. Jenkins said this is vital to ensure the continuation of college sports in America.

Many university presidents likely agree with Jenkins, although the public has been siding with the student athletes in this conflict. The schools have profited greatly from their athletics programs, which wouldn’t be possible without the student athletes.

In 2021, student athletes earned the right to make money from their name, image, and likeness being used in profitable ventures. The new settlement calls for revenue sharing that requires schools to provide 22% of media broadcasting and ticket sale revenue with the student athletes. One concern that has been raised is that schools with smaller budgets will be significantly harmed from the lost revenue.

There are several arguments that have been made against the idea of paying college athletes for playing sports at the university level. One argument is that these are students and should be prioritizing school work while they are performing as athletes in college. The new settlement may turn college athletes into overnight millionaires. Another argument is that the product of NCAA sports has a charm that would be lost if the players started receiving hefty salaries. This would fundamentally change the character that differentiates college athletics from professional sports.

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