New York Grocers Beg Leadership for a Decent Society

( – While New York politicians laud themselves for things like banning non-electric everything, abortion support, diversity programs and other ideological measures, their citizens are less than content. For example, due to bail reform measures and police defunding by politicians New York City has seen a crime wave unlike perhaps anything that came before. Shoplifting for one thing is up an astounding 81% early in 2023. One crucially important industry has band together to try and get the attention of the ruling class. Grocers have joined together under the name of Collective Action to Protect Our Stores, headed by a man named Nelson Eusebio. 

Eusebio said they are “pleading” with Albany executives to “change your mind on bail.” He also said a criminal assaulting a supermarket employee must be treated more seriously and at least require bail. He warned the political class that grocery stores “cannot continue” to operate in the current state of affairs. Eusebio said “Albany please wake up.”        

Yemeni-American Merchants Association head Youssef Mubaraz, said people in his industry shouldn’t be treated as “second class citizens.” A measure being supported by a state senator from Staten Island and an Assemblyman from Manhattan is designed to offer some support. The politicians acknowledge the rampant threat and evermore common assaults taking place within grocery stores.

For their part the grocers feel they should have as much protection as taxi drivers for example who if assaulted carries a Class D felony requiring at least bail. The measures being requested by the industry are for felonious charges when a worker is assaulted and shoplifters who are convicted twice within two years be charged with a Class E felony. 

They say when there is no threat or deterrence not to steal, repeat offenders are practically guaranteed. Coinciding with this are effects such as lost revenues and increased insurance costs which then must be passed on to consumers. Another proposal is making the selling of stolen goods online a Class A offense. 

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