New York’s Sanctuary State Governor Hochul says, No Mas

( – New York’s very progressive Governor Kathy Hochul has always been a proud supporter and enabler of her state being a ‘sanctuary state’. She has used her power to shield, finance, and take care of illegal aliens who find their way to New York State.

Well, it seems Joe Biden and his administration has taken her up on her want for illegal aliens; New York state and its governor are overwhelmed and trying to reverse course. Hochul appeared on CNN and said that she has to “let the word out” that New York can’t take any more aliens inside its borders. She says the state is out of room and has run out of capacity.

Hochul believes the issue is now “messaging,” and she believes simply announcing the state is at its limit and illegal aliens should seek to go to other states will be enough to end the migration. However, there is no end in sight to the continuous flow of aliens entering the country simultaneously from the southern border, ports of entry, and government sponsored flights from outside the country to various destinations within the country.

Hochul is not the only formerly proud New York politician who favored sanctuary policies but who is now living with the consequences of the them. New York City Mayor Eric Adams, who has formerly said his city will remain a sanctuary city for illegal aliens, is also begging them to stop coming. Adams is so overwhelmed by the issue he’s battled Hochul as he’s tried to send illegals to surrounding areas but she has thus far thwarted his efforts.

Hochul almost sounded like former president Donald Trump when she said she’d like the illegal aliens to remain in Mexico. She countered President Biden by saying the policy of applying for asylum before entering the United States would be better than the current Biden policy of applying via a mobile phone app and simply crossing the border. Both Hochul and Adams have been petitioning the Biden administration for additional funds but have thus far not received anything from the federal government.

Additionally, a judge in the borough of Staten Island recently ruled that aliens being housed on land there needed to be removed as Adams putting them there violated the law. This could set a precedent in the long term, but in the short term Adams will have to find new places for those aliens once more as well as for all the others who continue to flow into the city.

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