Newsom Favors Amendments, Neglects Local Issues

( – California’s Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, wasted no time as the year turned from 2023 to 2024 to again advocate for his version of gun control. Newsom tweeted that in 2024 he’d like to see a Constitutional amendment passed that will further restrict citizens throughout the country from getting firearms.

Within his tweet was a quoted tweet from MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin that listed bullet points from states that have introduced new gun regulations. It referenced Newsom’s California that has banned everyone from carrying a firearm in most public locations, Washington State’s expansion of its 10-day waiting period to now include all firearms, Illinois’ new ban on high-powered semiautomatic rifles, and high-capacity magazines and Colorado’s banning of ‘ghost guns.’

A short time after Newsom’s tweet, California had what is believed to be the first ‘mass shooting’ in the United States of 2024. The incident took place at a Downtown, Los Angeles New Year’s Eve party. Two people were confirmed to be dead as result of the shooting. Two fatalities would not register as a ‘mass shooting’ under previous definitions but the standard has been lowered in recent years.

Many have noted that the Constitutional amendment Newsom is advocating for is already law in California and did nothing to stop this or any other mass shooting that has taken place since he signed it into law. Many experts maintain that so-called gun control laws do very little to curb gun violence and what is actually needed is for communities to come together and identify what is causing people to commit these acts.

Critics say Newsom is disingenuous and is simply trying to create an image that would form the basis for a potential presidential campaign. He would be profiled as an anti-gun crusader, who is also pro-abortion, both of which could inspire the Democrat voting base. His proposed amendment would likely never be passed, making it an easy thing to call for. Political observers note that gun violence has gone up during Newsom’s governorship.

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