NFL Superbowl Winner Harrison Butker Labels Biden Delusional

( Harrison Butker, a Super Bowl winning kicker for the Kansas City Chiefs, slammed President Joe Biden during a commencement speech at a Kansas Catholic college. Butker referred to Biden as a “delusional” man who made a gesture symbolizing his Catholic faith at a pro-abortion rally. Butker added that this gesture might leave some people to think it is possible to be Catholic and pro-choice at the same time.

Butker and the Chiefs won the last two Super Bowl contests and the team was invited to the White House last year as part of the celebration. Butker wore a ripped tie that had a pro-life phrase written in Latin. The Super Bowl kicker said he has no intentions of doing a similar protest this year when the Chiefs make a return trip to the White House.

During Butker’s 20-minute speech, he also covered topics related to gender ideologies and wives being homemakers. He also made reference to Taylor Swift, who is dating Butker’s teammate, Travis Kelce. Swift fans and other people quickly denounced the statements made by Butker as being bigoted and misogynistic.

Butker talked about “degenerate cultural values” and went on to slam pride month as a celebration of sin. He also said that women’s most important roles are to be a homemaker, wife, and mother. He encouraged men in the graduating ceremony to retain their masculinity and to stand against cultural values that attempt to emasculate men.

Other commenters on social media were upset Butker referenced Taylor Swift while also encouraging women to be homemakers. He referred to the happiness that women feel when they follow God’s will by focusing on family rather than career. Swift was named to Forbes Billionaire List in April and she is the first musical artist to acquire a billion dollars in wealth on the basis of her music alone. One commenter said they hope Travis Kelce beats up Butker for insinuating Swift’s career emasculates him as a man.

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