NHS Trust Equates Chemically Induced Men’s Milk with Mother’s Milk

(Daily360.com) – The Telegraph is reporting news of a shocking letter that was leaked to them by someone with access to the medical director of a University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust. The letter read that trans women, that is, biological men, can produce milk for babies comparable to that of biological women with the aid of drugs.

Most people would assume this sort of “woke” notion would exist only as fantasy shared on social media and that serious professionals would not let it enter their professional fields. That is incorrect. The hospital refers to this male feeding as “chestfeeding” and the liquid produced as not “mother’s milk” but instead “human milk.” The letter took a supportive position on the idea of men “chestfeeding” and proposed a number of new politically correct terms that should be used. For example, “mother” should be replaced by “birthing person,” according to the letter, which also gave suggestions for “supporting trans and non-binary birthing people.”

The letter states that these biological men need to be on the progesterone hormone in order to develop glands that will produce milk. It also describes the process of “induced lactation” for biological men. It gives information about adding other drugs to the mixture if necessary, such as domperidone, which has been prescribed for biological woman who have had difficulty with breastfeeding. The drug stimulates the production of prolactin, a hormone that signals a biological woman’s body to produce breast milk.

This hospital is known for its progressive, medical positions; they were the biggest defender of the World Health Organization (WEF) when it declared “human milk” was a better choice for babies than formula. Not everyone agrees, Lottie Moore of a group called Policy Exchange called the letter “unbalanced and naïve” and said their conclusion that a man’s milk is equivalent to a woman’s milk is untrue. She said the primary concern must always be the wellbeing of the child, not the feelings or agenda of any certain person or group. Woman’s rights activist Millie Hill simply said no matter what they call themselves, man cannot breastfeed.

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