Nikki Haley Sends Clear Message To Hamas on IDF Missile Shell

( Nikki Haley visited Israel to show her support for the country during the active war against Hamas and wrote a positive message for the Israel Defense Force on an artillery shell. The messaged called for the IDF to finish Hamas and said America supports Israel. Haley is the former South Carolina governor and was most recently a Republican presidential candidate for the 2024 election.

Haley wrote a message of support on the platform X just after the October 7 attack that restarted the war between Israel and Hamas. At the time, Haley said the Hamas strike was also an attack on America and told Prime Minister Netanyahu to “finish them.”

Israel has been facing backlash for their tactics in the war that started as retaliatory measures against Hamas for the October 7 attacks. Senator Bernie Sanders said Israel was violating international law and America should not be providing support. The Biden White House said in the beginning of May that Israel probably violated international humanitarian law, but said they were unable to verify whether specific air strikes were against the law.

Israel struck the city of Rafah on May 26 and killed at least 45 Palestinians in the process. The Israeli military has since brought ground troops into the city despite warnings from leaders of other countries not to do so. President Joe Biden has asked Israel not to attack Rafah and temporarily put a halt to weapons shipments at the beginning of May, but later approved a $1 billion shipment of arms to Israel.

The mixed messaging from the Biden administration has received backlash from both sides of the political aisle. As of May 31, Biden hasn’t commented yet on the Rafah strike that killed 45, but he was expected to comment on the situation soon. The Biden administration has said that a ground attack on Rafah might change their position on providing support to Israel.

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