Nikki Haley Suffers Embarrassing Defeat

( – Nikki Haley’s bizarre run for the Republican presidential nomination took another strange turn in Nevada. February 6’s Nevada primary was in itself a peculiar exercise but Haley made the wrong kind of headlines after it was completed. Nevada’s delegates are distributed after a caucus that was held two days later on February 8. The primary was voted into existence by Democrats in the Nevada state legislature in 2021 but awards no Republican delegates.

Nonetheless, Haley was on the primary list as were former candidates Mike Pence and Tim Scott. Donald Trump’s name was not on the list of eligible candidates. There was a box available to voters labeled “None of These Candidates” and that was the selection the large majority of voters selected. In the end “None” got 61% of the vote and Nikki Haley finished in second place with 32% of the vote. Initially, the Haley campaign was angling to use this quirky primary to perhaps steal headlines. Political observers were speculating that her campaign would use a potential top finish in the primary to work with anti-Trump media and create headlines stating “Haley wins a primary” on her way to South Carolina.

Since she did not defeat the “None” selection Haley dismissed the entire primary as a “scam.” She said the primary was somehow orchestrated and “rigged” by Donald Trump. She added that she’d decided not to campaign in Nevada several months ago and this outcome did not bother her. After making her accusations Haley pivoted to say she’s growing the momentum her campaign generated in Iowa and New Hampshire. But her track record recently isn’t good. Haley finished in third place in Iowa, and took a distant second place in New Hampshire.

Despite her efforts to downplay the Nevada primary, results many political pundits are saying Haley should drop out of the race. They say headlines showing an almost 30 point loss to “None of These Candidates” does not inspire donors or voters to believe she has the momentum to overtake Trump.

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