No Vacancy: Sanctuary City Turns Away Migrants

( – Eric Adams, the once boastful mayor of a ‘sanctuary city,’ is now overwhelmed by his own policy. As New York City runs out of amenities, services and any room whatsoever for the already 90,000 illegal aliens it has within its borders, the mayor is desperate for any kind of solution. 

The flow of illegals into the country since President Joe Biden and his administration took power in 2020 has been larger than anything in the nation’s history. Adams has in the past insulted anyone who criticized his and the Democrat’s ‘sanctuary city’ policy. Such policies ignore federal law for illegal aliens, making them a de facto protected class within these cities, and politicians have granted these people access to benefits, cellular phones, food stamps, and even welfare payments.

Adams recently said the city’s “cup has basically runneth over” and there is no more room in the ‘Big Apple’ for migrants. His latest stunt has drawn mockery and criticism across the board. Adams has spent taxpayer money posting signs at the border reading “we have no more room in the city” and asking migrants to steer clear on New York City altogether. This measure has done little to curb the flow however. 

Canadian Psychologist and social media influencer Jordan Peterson tweeted a question to Adams, asking if there are any other “idiot radical ideas” he may be likewise doing away with. Ian Miller of Outkick Sports sarcastically chided the mayor that his change of heart on sanctuary cities was forced by having to live with the consequences of his actions. 

Representative from Ohio Brian Stewart tweeted that if New York, America’s largest city, can’t handle the migrants, why are small Texas towns expected to? Along the same lines, journalist John Hayward pointed out the hypocrisy of blue cities saying border communities are supposed to “shut up” and deal with it but when forced to deal with the issue themselves they can’t handle it. He sees this as a good thing and a just reward. Nonetheless, NYC Mayor Adams does not want illegal aliens returned to their home countries but rather spread throughout the United States to more cities. 

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