NPR Praises Kamala’s NATO Reassurance Trip

( – National Public Radio’s (NPR) Asma Khalid praised Vice President Kamala Harris for her February 16 Germany trip to reassure NATO member nations of the administration’s support. Khalid was gleeful about what Harris would say to counter recent statements by former president Donald Trump. The media has been aggressively reporting on the topic since Trump told a story about several conversations he had with NATO and its member nations relating to their delinquent funding.

Trump said that when asked by NATO officials if they could still rely on the United States to protect them against a potential Russian threat, he replied that they could not. He said if the member nations are not paying their share he will not make up the difference. Trump said his strategy worked and the nations began to pay more. The media, including NPR, has not reported on that part of the story but instead have focused on one line Trump said in jest, that Russia can “do whatever the hell they want” if the countries don’t pay.

NPR has been featuring several prominent Democrats throughout its various programs slamming Trump and demanding harsher rhetoric toward Russia. Khalid was especially excited about what Harris would say. She wanted Harris to defend the Biden administration’s record and alert NATO members that the problem is Republicans in the House and not the current White House administration. She also tried to stress to the Biden team that pressure exists and should they fail to deliver US tax money for Ukraine they will be looked at negatively and judged to be weak. Khalid added that European leaders are looking at a potential “plan B” should the US not come through with funds.

Harris opened her February 16 remarks by speaking about Aleksey Navalny, Putin’s political adversary who recently died in prison. She blamed Putin directly and derided the nation as a global threat. The media has been trying to use Navalny’s death as a catalyst for more Ukraine war funding. During her roughly 30-minute-speech Harris did her best to reassure NATO members that the United States will support them. She also called Donald Trump’s position shortsighted and isolationist, and she added that she and Biden must win in November to maintain the global order as it currently exists.

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