NYC Council Veto Battle

( – It looks like the New York City Police Department (NYPD) will have to deal with more bureaucratic interference that will likely have a negative impact on the city. The issue is a controversial bill passed by the City Council that NYC Mayor Eric Adams has vetoed but may become law nonetheless. The “How Many Stops Act” legislation would force police officers to fill out excessive amounts of paper work for any interaction they have with any person on the streets of the city.

Adams says he vetoed the bill because the demands are unrealistic. It would have police officers doing more paperwork that patrolling and would greatly deplete the already strained budget by adding overtime hours to complete the paper work. City Council Speaker, Adrienne Adams, does not care about Adams’ objections; she’s said to have closed ranks and vows to keep the council in a veto-proof majority. Two thirds of the body would need to agree to override the mayor’s veto. The Council tally currently stands at 35 members for the paperwork legislation, with nine standing in opposition and another seven abstaining.

Adams would need to get at least two members to flip to ‘no’ while not losing any of the current nine. The mayor hopes he can find the votes from within the four new members who joined the council in 2024 and had not voted on this legislation. The belief is two will vote for it and the other two will vote against it. Politics seems to also be playing a role as it’s being reported that council members who may not like the legislation will still support it because they don’t want to let Adams get “the win” over their body.

The 35 Council members come from within the five boroughs of New York City. Its make-up is majority female and majority minority. Many have spoken positively and enthusiastically about the legislation. They claim the excessive paper work and its repercussions will increase trust and improve public safety. Diana Ayala of the Bronx says the anger over the bill only proves their legislation is good and “hit the bull’s eye.”

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