NYC Crime Victim Calls Out AOC and Prays for Police

(Daily360) – A woman from Queens who was so viciously attacked in the NYC subway that she lost the use of her eye is now speaking out. The attack caught on camera last September showed Elizabeth Gomez set upon by a homeless ex-convict who beat her mercilessly and dragged her body across the subway station. The attacker called Waheed Foster had previously beaten his grandmother to death and was at the time of this attack out on parole for other crimes. Gomez was on her way to work at JFK airport around 5 a.m., trying to avoid Foster who was ranting about Satan but to no avail as he chased her down, threw her to the ground, and then punched and kicked her relentlessly.

Gomez is speaking out and saying we need more police on the subways and all around NYC. She says if we put “public safety first” everything else can be fixed. She is slamming Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) recent talking points about how NYPD personnel should not get pay increases but the money should go to schools, libraries, and parks. Ocasio-Cortez has been making television appearances attacking Mayor Eric Adams’ decision to give the NYPD its first pay raise in over seven years. She complains that NYPD officers will make more than a teacher with a Master’s Degree. The far-left ‘squad’ member somehow draws a direct correlation between police getting funds and schools not getting funds. Gomez said when being chased down by a lunatic you need police to come not a teacher.

Gomez acknowledges the importance of education but stresses safety must be the number one priority of the city. She reasons that if people don’t feel safe, they’re less likely to attend a school or participate in much else society offers. Gomez draws a comparison of more police equaling more safety thus more opportunity for other areas to do well. Gomez says she is “praying for police” and points to her assailant as having no business being out in public with his long list of serious felonies.

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