NYC Subway Incident Divides People and Politicians

Hand holding USA flag

( – A man named Jordan Neely was put in a choke hold by a fellow passenger named Daniel Penny on the New York City Subway’s F train last week. Neely died from the hold which lasted about 30 seconds, the end of which was caught on cell phone video. What is not seen on the video is Neely allegedly threatening and menacing the passengers aboard the train prior to the incident.

Neely is a homeless NYC resident who had been arrested 42 times for crimes including the beating of a seven year old girl and a 67 year old woman between 2013 and 2021. Neely used to perform as a Michael Jackson impersonator for money some years ago but a Reddit thread has recently come to light with people telling scary tales and issuing warnings about Neely being aggressive, violent and potentially dangerous.

So, then why is this story drawing statements from everywhere and leading many news shows and sites? Because Neely is black and Penny is white. Penny is an ex-marine who sprang into action and once he and Neely were on the floor other passengers stepped in to aid Penny in subduing Neely, one of whom also appeared to be black or non-white. This would seem to indicate Neely was the problem on that train not Penny.

Nonetheless, activists and politicians are seizing on the incident to raise their profiles and stoke division per usual. Newspapers refer to Penny as a ‘Michael Jackson impersonator’ using year’s old photos, despite his not having done that for years. Al Sharpton is demanding murder or at least manslaughter charges for the former member of the armed services, Penny. NY Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the incident a “public murder” and positions that Neely is a victim of hate.

New York’s governor Kathy Hochul chastised Penny saying he had no business taking matters into his own hands and said one look at the video and “you know it’s wrong.” Black Lives Matter activists have begun congregating at the F train station where Neely’s body was removed from the train and have called it a murder as well and are making demands of the system.  

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