NYPD Commissioner in Charge of Employee Relations Can’t keep Any Employees

(Daily360.com) – Lisa White is the name of the Deputy Commissioner who among other things is tasked with NYPD employee relations. More than ten officers working directly with White have transferred out or requested a transfer and say she say she erratic, paranoid and even dangerous. Allegations include White believing her office is haunted by ghosts and it’s said she also believes people are bugging her phone.

One officer said White put her life in jeopardy while she was assigned to drive the commissioner in her city funded official SUV. The driver alleges White ordered her to put the sirens and lights on to cut through traffic because she was running late. The driver refused as that would be out of protocol. That is when White ordered she pull the car over. At which time White herself got behind the wheel, put the lights and sirens on and proceeded to race from Crown Heights to lower Manhattan. The driver turned frightened passenger says White almost caused several accidents and put her in fear of her life, after which she requested a transfer to a new position out of that office.

Mayor Eric Adams appointed White in May of 2022 which was a surprising pick as White was retired from the city’s 911 system and was only an “interim supervisor.” Her base salary at the time of her retirement was $53,000 whereas her new position pays her $241,000.

There is talk within NYPD circles that higher ups at the department would like White to be removed from the position but hesitate to take action due to her close ties with Adams. The position White holds in part requires her to help officers and their families including those of officers killed in the line of duty, to which one source says White has “no background.” As such some of her duties have been pushed off on to First Deputy Commissioner Edward Caban. A source told the NY Post that White is holding a position she has “zero qualifications” to have. 

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