NYT Validates Conservative Assertions, Long Overdue

(Daily360.com) – James Bennett, the New York Times (NYT) editor who was forced to resign after publishing an editorial by Republican Senator Tom Cotton, is speaking out. Bennett wrote a 17,000-word essay for the British Magazine the Economist discussing his former employer and his 2020 ousting. The essay has received little attention or notice from the mainstream media and has been largely unreported on.

Cotton’s “controversial” op/ed discussed his belief that the United States military should be considered as a potential peace-restoring option for cities and communities dealing with the ongoing riots related to the death of George Floyd and Black Lives Matter activists. Once published, the NYT had a record number of employees call out sick. They received resignation letters, resignation threats, people turn down job offers and others aggressively voice their opposition to Cotton’s article.

In the end Bennett was given the choice to resign or be fired. The NYT has printed op/eds written by the leader of the Taliban and recently the mayor of Gaza and has seen not even a small percentage of backlash compared to Cotton’s piece. In his essay, Bennett asks why is it wrong to print an editorial from an American senator who is looking to protect American citizens but right to print one written by an American enemy who supports the harming of American citizens.

Bennett writes that the NYT has gone from a newspaper with a liberal tilt to a publication written for elitists by other elites. He wrote that the NYT is where “America’s progressive elite talks to itself about an America that does not really exist.” Bennett delves into examples of bias at the Times, such as their reluctance to print the truth regarding Trump and his lack of ties to Russia, their minimizing the Hunter Biden laptop story, and their unwillingness to admit Trump was correct about the origins of the Covid virus coming from a Chinese lab. He also notes that the Times was slow to inform their readers about the ineffectiveness of masks during the pandemic as well as the need to get schools re-opened.

Bennett writes that it’s likely most NYT reporters and editors are unaware of their own biases. He believes that in this one-sided environment the bias seems normal and fair. Bennett believes for a society to remain free the people must believe the press is fair and the once well-respected NYT has lost its reputation and the trust of many people.

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