Obama Aides Express Alarm Over Biden’s Condition

(Daily360.com) – Joe Biden’s sinking poll numbers due to what voters perceive as age-related decline have former Obama advisors very concerned about his chances of re-election. They say the so-called gaffes can’t be laughed off or dismissed any longer. Jon Favreau, who served as Barack Obama’s number one scriptwriter, is very familiar with Joe Biden from his time serving in the Obama administration. He recently said the perceptions of Biden’s cognitive abilities are “a very real issue.”

Favreau was speaking on the “Pod Save America” broadcast and noted that in his opinion Biden appears more frail and weak than he was during Obama’s term, and is even more so than 2020. Favreau supported his opinion by saying Biden’s shuffle walking looks to be more than arthritis in his back and his “mumbly” speaking is a problem.

Favreau pointed out his opinion is shared by roughly 80’% of voters according to recent polling. The messaging professional said that in his opinion Biden should appear publicly more and not less. He says hiding Biden only increases the negative perception people have developed. Jon Lovett, who co-hosts the podcast and is also a former Obama speech writer, agreed with Favreau’s suggestion. He said the only way to counter the public’s opinion is to prove it incorrect despite the potential for more gaffes. He said if Biden can’t make appearances, he probably should not be running for president.

Another former Obama staffer, Dan Pfeiffer echoed these concerns in a separate interview on the Courier podcast. The former senior advisor to Obama said Biden’s current image is a “very real issue” that could cost him re-election. Pfeiffer believes the “crux” for the Biden campaign right now and going forward is to “assuage” voter concerns. He believes there’s a large enough segment of voters who are still open to believing Biden is competent to turn to turn the tide back his way.

David Axelrod, an Obama campaign strategist believes that Biden needs to be Biden. Meaning he should go on the offensive against Trump. He says Biden’s quips and “Biden-esque” phrases could go viral on social media and win him public support.

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