Obama Judge Forces Two Teachers To Pay Massive Attorney Fees Over Equity Training Objections

(Daily360.com) – Two Missouri teachers, Jennifer Lumley, and Brooke Henderson sued over their school district mandating “anti-racist” training. They initiated their suit in 2021 after being mandated to do “equity training” on “oppression, white supremacy, and systemic racism.” The teachers believed this training infringed on their freedoms, forcing them to support views and alter their speech to further things they didn’t believe in order to keep their jobs. The Obama-appointed judge hearing the case ruled they must pay all related legal fees to the Eighth Circuit Court amounting to roughly $313,000.

The law firm handling the case for the teachers described this action as both “overtly hostile” and “unprecedented.” The firm says in their 50 years of litigation they have never faced being sanctioned with attorney fees on a constitutional challenge case. The court described the teacher’s suit as “frivolous” and found no injury was suffered. The position of the court is the women “trivialized” the “important work” the court would otherwise have been conducting. District Judge Douglas Harpool wrote a scathing rebuke of the suit decrying taxpayer dollars were wasted on this rather than being spent on the students in the district. He said both the students and taxpayers “deserve better.”

The teacher’s suit alleged the equity concepts presented were expected to be accepted and unquestioned, they contend voicing any disagreement was met with “chills.” Some of the concepts they objected to are advocating changes in politics, economic opportunities, and social change which are required to be “anti-racist.” The training also maintains not emphasizing color as a disadvantage is “white supremacy.” It also maintains oppression of certain people is “woven into the very foundation” of American culture. The lawsuit also read that the training maintains “white silence’ is also ‘white supremacy.’ The teachers say when they expressed their differing views they were immediately corrected and censored. Springfield Public Schools where the teachers were employed said they are “pleased” with this ruling.

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