Oklahoma Senator Proposes Charging Abortion as Murder

(Daily360.com) – A first-term Oklahoma state senator has been making waves through a series of suggested laws but his latest may be the most polarizing yet. Senator Dusty Deevers, a Republican representing the Elgin area of the state, wants to make pretty much any woman who receives an abortion or causes her baby to die before birth eligible for a murder charge.

Deevers’ narrow exception list would only include an abortion performed to save the mother’s life, or for a woman who was coerced into having it done. No other exceptions would be made and a woman taking a pill to induce an abortion would also be culpable and subject to a homicide charge.

Deevers, who is also a devout Baptist minister, said an abortion is “pursuing malice aforethought” and is therefore the premeditated taking of a life. In Deevers’ view, a person who aborts a baby is no different from anyone who kills any other person, so due process should apply. Deevers has support in the Oklahoma senate, as Senator Warren Hamilton of McCurtain is backing the plan. Hamilton recently made some headlines of his own when he was part of a group who entered the Capitol on February 6 to protest legal abortions.

Others within the state are less enthusiastic about Deevers’ plan. Oklahoma’s state attorney general said it would go too far and added that Oklahoma already has some of the strictest abortion regulations in the country. He says Oklahoma law prohibits punishing a pregnant woman for attempting to receive an abortion.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Executive Director of Oklahoma, Tamaya Cox-Toure called Deevers’ bill both “extreme” and “dangerous” and has promised to follow the path of the bill and work with Democrat lawmakers in the state to fight it. Democrat state Senator Mickey Dollens of Oklahoma City said he believes this measure should be voted on by the people rather than passed through legislation.

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