Palestine Recognized as Independent State Leaves Hamas Gloating

( Ireland, Norway and Spain have officially recognized Palestine as an independent nation, which Hamas celebrated.

Israel denounced the move by the three nations and said it encourages terrorism. As of May 28, the three nations will join 143 existing UN countries that officially identify Palestine as its own country. Seven countries in the European Union currently recognize Palestine as an independent nation. Following the official declaration, that number will rise to 10 with Malta and Slovenia announcing that they may eventually do the same.

The three countries said they hope this will pressure Israel into considering a two-state solution to the Palestinian Israeli conflict. Israel, meanwhile, is not interested in a two-state solution and has responded to the declaration by removing their ambassadors from Spain, Norway, and Ireland.

The Prime Ministers of Ireland and Norway stressed that a two-state solution is the only possible option that would bring peace within the region. Ireland’s Taoiseach, Simon Harris, said that there is a difference between the Palestinian people and the terrorist group Hamas.

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Israel Katz condemned the move. Netanyahu said that an independent Palestinian state is an “existential danger” to Israel. Katz said he asked to speak with the leaders of the three countries to “scold” their actions that effectively provide an award to the terrorist group Hamas.

Katz also said he would show the leaders a video of Hamas brutalizing and kidnapping Israelis so they can understand the mistake they have made by recognizing the state of Palestine.

Bezalel Smotrich, Israel’s Finance Minister announced that they would halt an arrangement that gives tax revenue to the Palestinian Authority (PA). The transfer was stopped after the October 7 attacks, but Israel has been sending the funds to Norway, which was sending the funds to the PA. Smotrich said they will no longer be transferring those funds in response to the three country announcement of Palestinian state recognition.

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