Pelosi’s House Receives 300 Pounds of Protest Poop

( – San Francisco has seen a rise in crime and fecal matter on its streets in recent years but while that might be permissible in most parts of the city, it won’t be tolerated near Nancy Pelosi’s home (D-CA). The former Democrat Speaker of the House who still serves in Congress has been a target of left-wing agitators recently. The leftist group called Code Pink has been harassing Pelosi and most recently dumped about 300 pounds of cow manure outside of her large home.

It’s unknown if the smell made it over the tall walls surrounding the house or if Pelosi saw the signage that accompanied the fecal protest. Signs reading “ENOUGH WITH THIS SH-T” and others demanding a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel in Gaza were planted in and around the display. Other signs were written in Arabic and some read “STOP ARMING ISRAEL.” The group has had the former speaker in their target sight since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, 2023.

Last week San Francisco police charged protestors with felonies after they vandalized the Pelosi house with red paint. Most acts of vandalism within the city are no longer charged but the Pelosi home seems to remain protected by law enforcement. One activist named Heather Phillips, has been charged for allegedly damaging the garage door of the ex-Speaker’s home. She’ll be arraigned on March 12 for her alleged acts of paint vandalism.

Pelosi was confronted by activists last fall on October 29, the one-year-anniversary of her husband’s home assault by a man armed with a hammer. This confrontation took place on the driveway and the parties exchanged hostile words. The Code Pink agitators demanded a ceasefire and Pelosi shot back by telling them to go back to their headquarters in China. She said this because Code Pink has been reported to have extensive ties to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Pelosi is in new territory as the decades-long elected Democrat is at odds with 80% of her party’s voters that want a cease-fire.

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