Pennsylvania Couple’s Dog Devours $3,550 Cash

( – A seven-year-old goldendoodle in Pittsburgh seems to have quite an expensive appetite. The dog named Ceil decided to chow down on $4,000 in cash that his owners, Carrie and Clayton Law left on their kitchen counter.

The couple said they took the money out of the bank just that morning and had yet to put it away. They weren’t concerned because according to them the dog has had no history of eating things they’ve left on countertops. Carrie walked into the kitchen and went from a state of calm to that of total shock when she saw the dog eating this very expensive meal. She shouted to Clayton “CECIL IS EATING $4000!!!” and describes feeling as though her heart may stop.

Cecil ate it all and the couple was now left with two concerning questions: can eating this money hurt the dog and is it possible to retrieve this money? Luckily for them the first answer was “no” and the second was “yes.” Their veterinarian said the dog would likely be fine and they should just monitor him. The couple gathered up the bits of torn money that Cecil hadn’t swallowed, contacted the bank and asked them if there was anything that could be done.

The bank employee said that dog-related accidents concerning cash happen often and that so long as the serial numbers are visible they would be able to take the money back. After that call came the part of this story that would require Clayton and Carrie to earn that money all over again.

Cecil vomited up some of the digested money and the rest needed to be recovered via bowel movements and collection thereof. Carrie describes the time spent at their utility sink cleaning and arranging the scraps of currency as laborious and stink-filled. She said the “money smelled so bad” but in the end they were able to recover and convert $3,550 of what they’d lost. The other $450 was the expense of a lesson in unsupervised canine dining. The Law’s posted the story to Instagram where many people commented on and spread the now humorous post to a wider audience.

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