Pentagon Official Doesn’t Know How Much More Taxpayer Money Will Go to Ukraine

( – The number three official at the Pentagon, Dr. Colin Kahl was asked in a hearing how many more payments we can expect to give Ukraine. Ro Khanna (D-CA) asked in part regarding money to Ukraine “how many more times”? Kahl said “It’s difficult to know” and went on to opine that it could take six months to three years or more. He says they simply cannot predict the direction of this conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Kahl continued that Joe Biden is unwavering in his total support of Ukraine for “as long as it takes.” He followed that by saying he hopes that Congress will do likewise.

Biden spent President’s Day in Ukraine where he reaffirmed the United States’ absolute commitment to Ukraine and delivered more aid. He was followed on a rather unique trip by the US Treasuring Secretary, Janet Yellen, visiting a foreign land to also commit to and deliver money to the nation; she transferred $1.25 billion of a $10 billion fund while there. President Zelenskyy of Ukraine remarked how grateful he is to the US government “…not only with weapons but also on the financial front.” Following the Yellen trip the Pentagon announced $2.5 billion in military aid. To date, Congress has set up $113 billion in American tax money for the now year-long Slavic border conflict.

Kahl said to this point the Pentagon has spent roughly $32 billion and will spend about $12 billion more this fiscal year. Money outside of Pentagon military aid will be economic aid dedicated to Ukraine’s government and economy.

Sentiment for the seeming ‘blank check’ promised by American leaders to Ukraine has raised the overall anxiety level of the American tax-paying public as they contend with record inflation and overall rising prices on goods. When combined with other pressing issues on the home front like student loan forgiveness, social security insolvency, and infrastructure decay, the Ukraine policy becomes even more questionable.


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