Philly US Attorney Faces Retaliation Claims

( – There are accusations of possible retaliation tactics being used on behalf of the Biden family by the Philadelphia US Attorney’s office. Assistant US Attorney Derek Hines was offered a position on the legal team looking into the Hunter Biden tax and weapons cases. In the legal profession lawyers say a chance to serve on a team like this is often considered a prestigious assignment. Hines asked his boss, US Attorney Jacqueline Romero, if she minded his taking the assignment. According to Hines she had no objection so he temporarily left that office to work with Delaware US Attorney David Weiss on the Hunter Biden investigations.

However, Hines suspects Romero may be retaliating against him for working to investigate a member of the Biden family. Hines’ building access key card would no longer grant him access to the Philadelphia Attorney’s offices which is described as unusual because most attorneys would not lose access to their primary work location while on a temporary assignment.

Many are speculating that Romero, who was appointed to her position by Biden, could be playing politics because she is hoping for a judicial nomination from the president. She would seem a likely candidate for such a promotion from this administration because her Justice Department biography describes her as the first LGBT woman of color to be the Philadelphia US Attorney. A source close to the DA’s office described Romero as being on a possible “power trip” because of the authority vested in her position.

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) responded to the allegation by saying if true it would be a serious matter likely to be investigated by his committee. The team Hines joined, led by Weiss made headlines when they offered Hunter Biden the “sweetheart plea deal” that was eventually not accepted by a judge. Romero has denied any retaliation and said barring Hines from the building was standard procedure. Romero added that Hines’ office was not reassigned and remains vacant while he’s on this assignment.

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