Police Make Horrific Blunder Shoot Decorated Airman 6 Times

(Daily360.com) Okaloosa County Police in Florida killed a Senior Air Force Pilot, Roger Fortson, after breaking into the wrong apartment and shooting him six times. The deputy was visiting a home after a disturbance was reported and allegedly responded in self-defense following an interaction with Fortson, who was armed with a gun.

A friend was video chatting with Fortson and was witness to the fatal shots that occurred shortly after police forced their way into the apartment. Fortson heard a knock at the door and asked who was there. That was followed by a louder knock that prompted Fortson to look through the peephole of his door. He did not see anybody and decided to grab his gun, which he owned legally.

After returning to his living room, the police barged into the apartment and shot Fortson six times. Fortson died after he was taken to the hospital. The same Sheriff’s Department was involved in a wrongful shooting incident in November 2023. The man was unarmed and handcuffed, but was shot after the officer thought a falling acorn was a gunshot.

Fortson’s mother shared her grief that her son was deployed to help fight for the freedom of this country, but returned only to be wrongfully killed by the police.

When an officer is confronted with an armed person, a quick decision has to be made. Experts on policing law said that the fact Fortson was holding a gun when the police barged into the apartment is not enough to justify a self-defense claim. The released footage of the incident shows Fortson opening the door with his gun pointed at the ground. The deputy proceeded with shooting Fortson six times before asking Fortson to drop his firearm.

Sheriff Eric Aden supported the deputy’s assertion that the shooting occurred as an act of self-defense. Aden also said it is not true that the police were knocking on the wrong apartment door. Aden stated that the footage shows Fortson knew the police deputies were at his door, but still came to the door with a firearm in his hand.

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