Pope Francis’ “TRANGRESSIVES” Comment — Is It Tongue In Cheek?

Pope Francis Says Young People Need To Be “Transgressives”

Pope Francis Says Young People Need To Be “Transgressives”

(Daily360.com) – Since the beginning of his tenure as leader of the Catholic church, Pope Francis has brought changes to traditional norms. The religious leader took the position with plans to reform the church, and he’s apparently working to live up to the task.

On November 20, the pope delivered a message while he was visiting a town in Northern Italy where his father grew up. The pontiff wrote about the theme of the upcoming World Youth day in 2023, saying, “Mary arose and went with haste.” He said the world needs its youth to be “transgressive […] non-conformists” who look beyond the technology they hold in their hands.

Pope Francis believes people willing to work outside the box are necessary to take care of their fellow man and “change the world.”

Pope Francis went further to say the current world is devoid of peace, mentioning the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as an example of strife around the globe. Beyond his message for the youth, the pope encouraged everyone to get “on the move” and put others before themselves.

In 2013, Pope Francis had another non-traditional message for the young members of the Catholic church. He told them he wanted a “mess” and “trouble in the dioceses.” He communicated his desire to bring the church “closer to the people” by shaking up the mundane and enthusiastically spreading the Word.

What do you think of the pope’s unconventional approach?

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