Popular GOP Advisor and Political Commentator Found Outside Dead Aged 58

(Daily360.com) Alice Stewart, a journalist and Emmy winner, died suddenly at the age of 58 following a medical emergency. Stewart has been a political analyst for CNN and was on the television station just a day before her untimely death. She posted a picture of herself standing next to Wolf Blitzer on her Instagram page. She made reference to the experience of working with Blitzer as always being a “sunny day.”

Stewart did not have any known medical conditions and was a frequent runner, so the news was devastating to her CNN colleagues. In April, Stewart posted photos of herself completing the 10-mile Cherry Blossom run in the nation’s capital. CNN colleague Jessica Dean broke the news to viewers and described Stewart as somebody who was always smiling. Dean also referenced Stewart’s work as a communications director for several politicians. Stewart worked for Ted Cruz, Michelle Bachman, and Rick Santorum among others.

Colleagues and politicians have been paying tribute to Stewart since the news of her passing. Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said she was a “political pro” and offered prayers for her family. Former CNN host Don Lemon said he often argued with Stewart on television, but never off-screen. He said that he and Stewart shared a love of dogs while recalling the time she brought her dog Sammie in to see Lemon at work.

Stewart, in a 2020 interview, considered herself to be politically conservative but not a “kool-aid drinker.” Stewart said she is not a person who would never vote for Trump, but also did not sacrifice her values or “common decency” when she voted for Trump at the ballot box.

Stewart earned the respect of her colleagues with differing political beliefs by willing to sit at the table and have a conversation about the issues. She has a conservative background, but has received multiple tributes from Democratic and Republican voices since her death, including journalists and politicians.

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