POW/MIA Flag Replaced With Pride Colors

(Daily360.com) – Earlier this week the New York Coalition for Equity raised an LGBTQ rainbow colored pride flag above the town hall where a POW/MIA flag has flown for years. Residents of the town located less than a half hour south of Buffalo noticed immediately and voiced their displeasure. One member of the town board even took to Facebook to voice her condemnation of the change. Beth Farrel wrote that she was both “alarmed and saddened” to see a pride flag in place of the POW/MIA flag. She wrote there are other ways to show support for the LGBT community without it having to come at the expense of veterans. She further wrote this was an unnecessary controversy which could have easily been avoided. 

Normally, the flag pole has a large American flag at the top and below it a slightly smaller POW/MIA flag. The Town Supervisor, Randy Hoak tried to run some level of damage control calling the raised flag a “misunderstanding” saying the POW/MIA flag was not replaced but instead it was torn and a new one was needed. Hoak claims they do not intend to replace the POW/MIA flag even on a temporary basis. Supervisor Hoak said he received numerous calls including from veterans who said they don’t necessarily object to the pride flag but to replace the POW/MIA was unacceptable. One veteran said it should not fly on the pole in any spot under the American flag; it should instead be flown in another way. Hoak was also reported to have been slapped in the face by another angry veteran, who has charged with harassment. Hoak says the pride flag will remain on the flag pole because he sees it as inclusive. For its part the Coalition for Equity and Inclusion is unfazed by the resident’s discontent, it posted to Facebook a picture of the flag flying and a caption encouraging all to join in and ‘recognize and celebrate’ the local LGBTQ citizens.

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