Primary School Teacher Brutally Murders Boyfriend, Buries Body In Backyard

( Fiona Beal, a primary school educator, admitted guilt in the charge of murdering her boyfriend, Nick Billingham. Beal previously admitted to taking the life of her ‘cheating’ partner, but said she had lost control. She would only admit to manslaughter charges, but in the middle of the trial she admitted guilt in the murder of Billingham.

Beal wrote her plan to kill Billingham in a private journal that was later recovered in an investigation. Beal was discovered as the suspect in the case months after Billingham’s disappearance, and the journal was recovered in March of 2022. She used an alter ego known as “Tulip22” in her notebook where she described the murder process that ended with her lover’s burial in the garden.

Beal told her co-workers that she and Billingham tested positive for COVID-19. That was a ploy so that she would have time to commit the murder and bury the body without being suspected of any foul play.

Yvonne Billingham, the mother of the deceased boyfriend, told a story about how she met Beal for a drink and conversation after the disappearance of her son. The meeting occurred just before Christmas. Yvonne said she tries not to relive the moment when she was having a drink with her son’s murderer while he was buried in the nearby garden outside.

In the confession, Beal said she lured Billingham into the bedroom and tied him up with cable ties before stabbing him in the neck. The report states that Billingham was wearing a sleep mask at the time. Beal was first detained under the “Mental Health Act” after she went to a lodge and was found with minor, surface level wounds. Officers said there was a note that seemed like a suicide note.

After she was detained, the journal was found in the house. The journal stated that the body was buried in the garden, which prompted the authorities to uncover the mummified body. Beal will face sentencing on May 29 and 30.

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