Private Call Leak: DeSantis Eyes Trump VP, 2028 Run

( – A recently released phone call recording seems to indicate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is still smarting from the collapse of his presidential run. The private call featured the governor speaking with supporters and discussing a variety of topics. When the subject of Trump’s potential vice president came up, DeSantis took the opportunity to distance and contrast himself with Trump.

DeSantis said that despite the media floating his name he would not be willing to serve as Trump’s vice president. The governor went on to point out that if he’d have been elected president he would have been the third-youngest elected president. He said his youth would likely mean a vice president would never be called upon to take the reins and perform the duties of the president. He said despite that, his only criteria would be to pick someone he felt was able to step in and do the job well.

DeSantis then took a veiled shot at Trump’s age and alluded that Trump should likewise only be concerned with picking someone who is ready to step in and be president. DeSantis said that in his view, several people are currently “auditioning” to be Trump’s pick for vice president and that he is not among that group. He went on to say that it looks to him like Trump is leaning into “identity politics” which DeSantis thinks is the wrong approach in choosing a vice-presidential running mate.

Donald Trump as well as his surrogates had been publicly complimentary of DeSantis since his exiting from the presidential race. Trump acknowledged that DeSantis would be a fine pick when asked about him by name during recent a Fox News appearance. However, it seems the good will has run dry after the release of this audio. Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt characterized DeSantis’ remarks as “cheap shots” and said that he should be spending his time helping to defeat Joe Biden in 2024.

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