Public Doubts Biden’s Mental Capacity for Reelection

( – Joe Biden’s steadily sinking poll numbers took a deeper dive following the release of the report by Special Counsel Robert Hur. An ABC/Ipsos poll conducted after the release of the report and Biden’s gaffe-filled evening press conference showed a high level of voter concern regarding the president’s age.

The poll showed 86% of voters feel Biden is too old to serve another four-year term. That number is up from the former high of 74% taken back in September of 2023. When asked about Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, 59% of voters believe both men are too old to serve another term. Many pollsters identify independent voters as the barometer for the average sentiments in the nation and among that group 91% say Biden is too old.

When taken individually Trump fares better than Biden with 62% of people believing Trump is too old to be president again. The polling among Democrats is particularly surprising because 73% of those surveyed feel their incumbent president is too old for another term. Compare that number to only 35% of Republicans believing Trump is too old and one can see the difference in support the candidates have with their respective bases.

Biden may see his numbers get even worse in the coming weeks as the Senate continues its push to get more than $60 billion to Ukraine, an unpopular move with voters at the moment. Biden is also hemorrhaging support due to the open borders and illegal alien influx. Voters are laying the financial drain, crime increases, and decreasing services in cities and communities across the country Biden’s feet. The administration is trying to blame Republicans in the Congress, but roughly 50% of Americans blame Biden for the failure of the latest congressional bill to address the border crisis. 51% of voters blame Congressional Democrats and only 38% fault Trump despite Democrat lawmakers pointing the finger at Trump for the border woes.

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