Rapper Arrested Post-Grammys Win

(Daily360.com) – Rap artist Killer Mike managed to make a series of different headlines during February 4th’s Grammy Awards show. The night started off as perfectly as Killer Mike, whose real name is Michael Render, could have hoped. Prior to the show airing, during what’s called the preshow Premiere Ceremony, a series of Grammy Awards were given out. Render was awarded best rap song, best rap performance, and best rap album Grammy awards. Video was posted to social media showing an extremely excited Render clutching his awards, smiling largely and giving his victory speeches.

However, the day took a sharp turn for the Grammy winner; Los Angeles Police officers entered the Crypto.com Arena and arrested Render before the show ended or the sun set at around 4p.m. local time. More video was posted to social media except these were not of an exuberant, award-winning Render but instead showed a handcuffed Render being escorted from the arena by police. The LAPD has since said he was arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery and was handcuffed due to what they termed a “physical altercation.” Render posted to his social media accounts the next day indicating he had released but did not reference the arrest.

Prior to his arrest details being released many online social media users were speculating his removal from the show may have been some kind of retribution for political comments he’d made just prior to the Grammy event. Render was guest on Bill Maher’s television show and despite pressure from Maher he refused to endorse current president Joe Biden for re-election. Render listed several areas of dissatisfaction with Biden and said if all were addressed he may endorse him.

Render, 48, has been politically active on the left wing in the past. During the 2016 election he was a vocal surrogate for Democratic Socialist candidate Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) presidential campaign. Aside from his comments on Maher’s show Render has said he’s not been following the 2024 presidential race closely and has referred to it as a “dirty soap opera.”

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