Republican Attorneys General Oppose Closure of Ammo Manufacturer

( – Every Republican attorney general in the United States joined together to stand up against what they believe to be massive government overreach. The 28 attorneys general signed a letter addressed to the White House over its attempts to shut down a Missouri ammunition factory.

The letter was written for both Joe Biden and his director of the White House Office of Gun Violence, Stephanie Feldman, urging them not to force Lake City Army Ammunition Plant into halting ammunition production. Democrat legislators have targeted the plant because it’s one of the largest suppliers of ammunition in the nation. Democrat officials have been trying a few different strategies to get the facility closed down. The most recent attempt consisted of asking the Biden administration to investigate the factory for allegedly selling “military grade rounds” to the public that somehow connect to mass shooting events.

The Republican attorneys general (AG) say this line of attack is replete with a “litany of errors” and is nonsensical. They say the issue is not the ammunition a particular shooter may have used, but rather the problem is soft-on-crime district attorneys refusing to prosecute criminals appropriately. They say the answer to criminal activity should not be stripping away the rights of law-abiding citizens. They also point out that calling ammunition “military use” has no actual meaning. Just because the military may use certain ammunition does not make it a “military”-grade item.

The public uses standard 9mm rounds and 12 gauge shotgun shells in a wide variety of weapons. In some instances the military also uses these grades of ammunition but that should not prohibit the public from having access to them. The GOP AG’s say that just because there is an overlap in a few areas that does not warrant the closing of the factory on specious reasoning. The AGs also point out that if this facility is closed it would undermine national security as well as decimate the plant’s local economy.

The AGs say that Lake City Army Ammunition Plant has always been fully compliant with Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) requirements regarding commercial sales to customers. Missouri’s own AG, Andrew Bailey, said we should be focused on the open flow of illegal weapons coming over the open border than we are law-abiding companies and citizens.

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