RFK Jr. Shakes 2024 Race With Independent Bid!

(Daily360.com) – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has withdrawn from the Democrat primary process for president and will now run as an independent. RFK Jr. gave a passionate speech in Philadelphia last week detailing the reasons he came to this decision. He said running as an independent makes sense for him as he’d like independence from “all parties.”

RFK Jr. said although it pained him to leave the party of his famous father and of his uncle, former President John F. Kennedy, it was something he needed to do. In his remarks Kennedy took aim at big pharma, Wall St., the media and the two-party establishment. He said both parties are currently leading the United States “over a cliff.” He made reference to the discontent many Americans feel with the current parties and political process. He said that although these feelings can make a person feel danger is approaching, it can also be a means for people to “reclaim” their freedom and independence.

Kennedy brought up the prospective rematch between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, calling it a cycle of rage and despair. He said he believes that the country is ready to make a change and he sees himself as the change agent.

Members of his family came out soon after his remarks to offer a joint statement of condemnation. His sisters and other relatives said that although the candidate shares the same name as the late Robert F. Kennedy, they do not believe he shares the same “values, vision or judgment.” They said they were deeply saddened by the announcement and “denounce” his candidacy.

Kennedy was polling at roughly 15% within the Democrat field opposing Joe Biden. Despite this, the long-shot candidate may wind up taking more votes from Trump than Biden. Recent polling suggests voters who align with the right have a higher approval of Kennedy than those on the left. Many on the left do not like RFK Jr.’s stance on the Covid-19 vaccine and other health-related matters that are in opposition to the official government position.

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