RFK Vows To Give Black Farmers Billions in Reparation Payments

(Daily360.com) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has promised $5 billion worth of reparations to black farmers if he gets elected to the White House. RFK Jr. made the declaration in a discussion with John Boyd Jr., a man that is suing the Biden administration for walking back previous promises for financial relief that would be entitled to black farmers in America.

RFK said he would get rid of the people in the USDA that put a halt to the relief package. He further stated that the $5 billion is not money, but an entitlement that was taken away from black farmers via discrimination. The provision of the American Rescue Plan would provide up to 120% of loan balances for black and minority farmers.

The program passed under the Biden administration would be open to farmers who experienced “racial or ethnic prejudice” and experienced financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. America First Legal (AFL) is one of the parties involved in suing the government over the provision that they see as a racist policy that is not fair to white farmers.

Gene Hamilton, AFL’s Executive Director and attorney, said RFK should not represent the people in a public office. He said the government should not be in the business of picking “winners and losers” based solely on skin color.

RFK previously had a statement supporting reparations by investing funds in “black infrastructure.” However, RFK has updated the language on his campaign website since the start of this election cycle. It now states a commitment to helping improve the lives of “devastated communities” throughout the United States.

RFK has frequently discussed the importance of agriculture and helping American farmers during this presidential campaign. In August, he held a discussion that encouraged the free market and freedom for farmers across the country. RFK has also focused on the degradation of soil in the country and the importance of regenerative farming techniques to restore the soil.

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