Rigged System Exposed as SBF Charges Vanish

(Daily360.com) -The trial of swindler Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) continues and government prosecutors have taken a step to shield politicians to whom he donated large sums of allegedly stolen money. During the highs of his wealthy lifestyle, SBF was the second-largest donor to the Democrat Party and its politicians. Prosecutors said they will not seek any further action against SBF or any recipients of political donations he made. This will make it impossible to claw back any funds from politicians, no matter verdict the jury returns.

Critics say this is another example of a two-tiered federal justice system. They believe if SBF were the second largest funder of the GOP and its candidates, neither he nor the politicians he donated to would be absolved in this way. They say this decision is less to protect SBF and more to protect the political establishment. The dropped charges ranged from illegal campaign contributions to bribery.

Social media lit up after the announcement with users decrying what many believe is just the latest episode of favoritism from entities like the FBI and the DOJ. They say this decision is an extension of the thinking that has lead to very different levels of prosecution and charging for the January 6 defendants versus any Black Lives Matter members. BLM members and supporters rioted violently in many American cities in 20202.

The allegations that will not be pursued had accused SBF of donating more than $100 million in funds stolen from his customers to about 300 politicians and political action committees. While SBF did donate the vast majority of funds to Democrats, he also spread some to GOP politicians but did it covertly as not to be written about by the media in a negative way. His donations were usually directed toward people who would support the policies often referred to as the ‘woke’ agenda.

Back in July, prosecutors quietly dropped a slew of other campaign finance charges against SBF. They said the reason for the dropping of charges related to being able to get SBF extradited from the Bahamas to the United States.

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